Watershed Management Plan

A Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan is a requirement of the 1982 Surface Water Management Act. E-IGHWMO developed a Plan in coordination with a citizen advisory committee and technical staff at local and state levels of government. The first generation Plan was approved by the Board of Water and Soil Resources in 2016. The Plan is effective for 10 years, and therefore a second generation Plan will be needed in 2026. Continue to check the E-IGHWMO website for opportunities to become involved in the next planning process.

The E-IGHWMO Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan requires that a Communication and Outreach Plan be developed on a three year basis. This allows for the E-IGHWMO to better adjust to the current needs, rather than amending the full Plan. The current Communication and Outreach Plan highlights support of existing programs as well as new E-IGHWMO efforts.

Communication and Outreach